Web Site Promotion – Six Ways To Advertise Your Web site II

The second is to write articles on the theme of your web site and submit them to article directories. This does two things for you. The directories generally allow you what is known as an ‘author’s resource box’, which allows you to provide a small amount of information about yourself, and to provide your web site or web page URL for those that want more information. This provides you with traffic when anyone clicks for information and also provides you with links back to your site, both from the directories and from anyone who copies your article to their web site.

The third way to promote your web site is use ppc adverts such as Google AdWords and Yahoo S.M. If done properly, this can bring you traffic as well as make sales, but if not done properly can be very expensive. However, it is an excellent way to get your site known if you can get your advert on the first page on Google. It also provides exposure for your site on other web sites that are using Adsense. This is particularly valuable since the sites your advert appears on are targeted to the theme of your website.

Fourthly, put your URL on everything. Use it on your signature on every email you send, on every forum post you make and basically whenever you can. Forums, especially, are great places to advertise your site. Even if you post to forums where your URL is not allowed in your signature you can get yourself known as an expert by helping to solve people’s problems in your posts, and eventually the opportunity will arise when you can legitimately refer somebody to your website to have a problem solved. You could even design a web page specifically to solve a problem that has had a few postings.

Another way to overcome forum rules is to have a pop email address that includes your website name, such as john [ at ] mywebsite.com. People will then see your website name without you actually publishing your URL.

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